Soul Reaper’s Legacy –  A Guide to Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls Mastery

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Introducing Reaper of Souls Strategy Guide

Soul Reaper’s Legacy is your one-stop solution to complete mastery of the new Diablo 3 expansion: Reaper of Souls.

This is one of the most comprehensive gaming guides that you’ll be able to find online, and it’s absolutely packed with detailed, helpful information. You’ll learn how to master the game, as well as how to reach level 70 and farm gold in the fastest time possible.

The guide has been updated in preparation for Reaper of Souls, with more information than ever before. As the game evolves, Soul Reaper’s Legacy will evolve along with it, with regular updates on changes in the game and new content.

Armed with the knowledge the guide will provide, you can get ready to dominate all aspects of the game, as well as get the most out of your Diablo 3 experience. We’ll teach you everything you need to know about the game, giving you an unfair advantage over your competition from the start.



Soul Reaper’s Legacy: Leveling Blueprint

Level at Top Speed

Tired of wasting your time? Not sure where to go, or what to do next? Don’t worry – we’ll teach you how to level up more quickly than any of the other players, so you’ll be able to spend your time and resources more efficiently. With our secret techniques, leveling in-game will be a breeze.

Paragon 2.0

The Paragon system has been completely revamped in this expansion, but don’t worry, we’ll cover everything and get you back up to speed on the changes in no time.

Introduction to Leveling

Everyone needs to start somewhere – if you don’t master the basics, you won’t be going anywhere fast. Our leveling blueprint won’t just help you learn the basics, it will also provide you with some awesome strategies from some of the top players, so that you’ll hit level 70 before you know it.

Advanced Strategies

Just having a high level won’t help you win. You need to know what strategies to use, and when to use them. This guide will equip you with proven strategies, and we’ll teach you how and when to use them so that you’ll never get stuck or unable to progress in the game.

Destructive Skill Sets

Destructive Character Skill Builds

At every level, we’ll show you the most damaging and effective skill builds to maximize your gameplay.

Soul Reaper’s Legacy: Gold Farming Guide

No Class Specific Techniques

Whether you’re running the returning Barbarian class or taking the new Crusader class for a spin, you’ll still be able to use our gold farming techniques – they’re not class-specific at all. We’ll walk you through the use of every class, so you’ll still find out how to get amazing gold returns in a short period of time. We’ll show you exactly where to go and what to do – no matter what character class you play.

Introduction to Gold Farming

Learn the basics of gold farming and how to do it – without resorting to cheating, hacking or any other shady methods. With our gold farming guide, you’ll learn how to get gold legitimately and quickly, and in large quantities. The Auction House may have been removed, but don’t worry – there are still plenty of other ways to make gold in-game.

Soul Reaper’s Legacy: Detailed Character Class Guide

Truly master Every Classes

Different heroes have different characteristics. Some are more difficult to play – here’s looking at you. Don’t fret though, the variety of rotations and techniques taught here will ensure you master every aspect of PvE and PvP.

Introducing… the Crusader!

The brand new sixth character class from Reaper of Souls. We’ll introduce you to the Crusader, and if you had dreams of running him, well, we’ll teach you how to play this class like a pro. We’ll also provide detailed guides on the other five classes that will be available in the Reaper of Souls expansion.

Character Skills Guide

Too many characters and too many skills making things complicated for you? Different classes have different characteristics, skills and playstyles. Some might be more difficult to master than others, but don’t worry. Let us show you how to master each character and their unique skills in record time.

Marvel Heroes Screenshot

Skills and Rotations Guide

With hundreds of skills and rotations, let us show you the best way to master them all and reach Level 70 for all classes in record time.

Soul Reaper’s Legacy: Strategies Guide

Artisans and Followers

Yup, we cover these guys too. You can learn what loot you need to craft the best gear in game, and all about the new Artisan in this expansion: the Mystic. Find out what services she provides, and all about item transmogrification. As for Followers, you’ll learn the best builds to use on them so they’ll be more help and not a hindrance in the game.

Loot 2.0

Worried about how the new loot/item system will affect your item drops and gold/item farming? Don’t be. We have a detailed guide on the new system and we’ll let you know what to expect and what to do to get the best gear.

Strategy to Success

Getting to level 70 and learning how to dominate the game – that’s what every Diablo player dreams of. And the quickest way to become one of the top ranked players in the game… is to learn the best strategies for each character class, which are covered in this guide. Each class’ skills are covered in full detail, and strategies are provided so you’ll be able to level fast and make your character the best.

Professionally Written, Community Driven

Guide Quality

No fluff, no filler, no shoddy gameplay or outdated strategies – we’re professionals, not a bunch of noobs out to make a quick buck. We know what we’re doing and what we’re talking about, and in our guide, we’ve compiled only the best.

By The Players, For The Players

Soul Reaper’s Legacy was created by some of the top Diablo 3 players in the game. We’ve been playing Diablo for a long time, and we know what we’re doing. By getting our guide, you can rest assured that you’re being guided by some of the best, so you’re in good hands.

Free Lifetime Updates

As the game continues to grow and change, Soul Reaper’s Legacy will be updated accordingly, and you’ll get immediate access to any and all updates for free. And one thing’s for sure – there will definitely be future expansions planned for the game, so you want to make sure that your Diablo 3 guide will continue to keep you informed and up-to-date.

Soul Reaper’s Legacy: Features

Leveling Guide

This guide will elevate your game, providing you with the knowledge and skill needed to breeze through the game and get to level 70 in record time.

Character Class Guide

Covers the returning Barbarian class, the new Crusader class, and the other four classes to help you master them and dominate the game.

Gold Farming Guide

Contains the secrets of gold farming. We’ll teach you where to go and what to do in order to get the best loot. Check out our unbeatable Gold Farming Guide!

Boss Encounters Guide

Learn the strategies to defeat the bosses and still make good time!

100% Free Updates For Life

Our guarantee is that our guides will give you all the information that you want and need. Not satisfied? Then check out our ironclad 100% money back guarantee!

Weapons and Armor Guide

You’ll get free updates for life, every time the game is updated or receives new changes, we’ll update the guide to reflect them. Don’t get left behind when new stuff is released!

  • Character Class Guide
  • Boss Guide
  • Free Lifetime Updates
  • Community Forum
  • Gold Guide
  • Weapons & Armor Guide
  • 100% Guarantee
  • Story & Lore
  • Loot 2.0
  • Skills Guide
  • No Hacks
  • pvE & pvP Builds
  • Farming Guide
  • Abilities Guide
  • No Cheats
  • Leveling Tips

Success Stories

Leveling has never been so easy!

It only took me a few days to reach level 47 – that’s more than halfway to max level! Thanks for sharing your leveling tips and strategies, couldn’t have done it without them!

Soul Reaper’s Legacy is the best guide ever.

- a level 47 (and climbing) Crusader

So Much Gold…

Who needs the AH? All I needed was this guide to tell me where to go and what to do to get the best loot in-game. I’m now the richest player among my friends – this guide rocks.

- Mark H.

Awesome stuff

Never seen such a detailed, comprehensive guide before, and with this much content. And the strategies and tips really work!I’m impressed. You guys did an awesome job. Soul Reaper’s Legacy is one of the best Diablo 3 guides I’ve ever read. Keep it up!

- Ray (Dedicated Diablo player)

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